Our Shared Vision

Livonia Public Schools stands as a lighthouse district, a beacon of excellence offering exceptional educational opportunities to all children and serving as a source of pride for our community. As a premier school system, we promote a passion for learning and a philosophy that puts the needs of children and their education first.

Climate and Environment

We are a caring community that knows and lifts every child. All employees, parents and community members appreciate and honor the unique contributions each brings to our education community. Therefore, we see a school district where we:
A mother with her arms around four young children

  • provide a safe, joyful, welcoming environment for all who enter and a place where students are eager to learn.
  • respect, value, empower and trust one another.
  • celebrate the uniqueness of each individual in a climate of acceptance and understanding.
  • value open, honest and two-way communication among all stakeholders (families, students, staff and community).
  • invite parents and community members to be active partners.
  • benefit from facilities that are updated, well maintained and inviting, including cutting-edge technology and equipment.

Engaged Learners

An exemplary learning community inspires and motivates all students to reach their full learning potential. Therefore, we see a school district where students:
Four young girls playing cards a desk

  • experience joy in learning.
  • flourish in a learning environment where creativity and imagination abound.
  • are encouraged to give their personal best and challenged to go beyond the ordinary.
  • have their unique learning needs met.
  • experience learning that connects to the real world through a variety of opportunities for exploration.
  • are assessed using reliable and timely instruments that measure what students are expected to learn and guide instruction

Enhancing Employee Capacity

As an exemplary school district, we operate on the premise that a school district can only be as good as the people that it employs. Therefore, we have a deep commitment to holding the highest standards for ourselves and others, and providing the opportunity to learn and grow. We see a school district where an empowered staff:
LPS employees raise their hands to communicate to the group

  • works cooperatively and collaboratively to expand their ability to support and improve student learning.
  • broadens the potential for success through innovative and creative ideas.
  • values and seeks meaningful individual professional development.
  • experiences focused professional development based upon best practices and current research.
  • uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to enhance job effectiveness.

Organizational Capability

We understand that the pursuit of excellence requires persistence, tenacity and courageous patience. Therefore, we see a school district where our processes support:
A small group of adults gather around a table looking over papers

  • continuous improvement in all that we do.
  • implementation of innovative ideas when determining structural and operational changes.
  • participative problem-solving and decision-making.


Outcomes for Our Students

Our schools excel at preparing each student for his/her life journey. Therefore, we see a school district where students are:
Two high school graduates, a young man and woman, smile in their cap and gowns

  • persons of character who are contributing members of society and life-long learners.
  • independent, confident and hopeful, with the skills to plan a successful future.
  • analytical and capable decision makers.
  • proficient in math, literacy, and communication skills.
  • prepared for future education and career opportunities.

This vision document provides the “imagination” of what we hope to become, a blueprint for continuous improvement, and the benchmarks by which we will evaluate our progress.

We dedicate ourselves to these ideals.

Benefits of Our Shared Vision

  • Our shared vision is powerful because it is the result of over 2,500 stake holders’ input.
  • Our shared vision provides a rudder to guide our decisions and priorities, especially in challenging times.
  • Our shared vision defines our culture, what we value and how we will put it into practice. 
  • Our shared vision leads more quickly to improving the achievement of our students and the skills of our employees.
  • Our shared vision focuses us on the innovation and long-term planning needed for continued success.