Career Day inspires Cooper students to dream of their futures
Cooper's Career Day

Trinity Ziegler wants to make the world a safer place.

The Cooper Upper Elementary sixth grader was inspired by a visit from Detroit police officer Johnny Fox during Cooper’s recent Career Day.

“I found out what they actually do and I didn’t know that they actually search houses for drugs as often as they do,” said Ziegler. “And, I didn’t realize there are girls who can do that job, too.”

She aspires to one day become a police officer.

“I think it would be cool to make Michigan safe and make the world safe,” she said. “It’s always good to make the world a better place.”

Anthony Belian learned how the staff at Jimmy Johns use the “7 Habits” in their business, every day.
“They try to use the 7 Habits to make every customer happy,” he said.

The 7 Habits are practiced each day at Cooper, through the Leader in Me initiative. The habits are: be proactive; begin with the end in mind; put first things first; think win-win; seek first to understand, then to be understood; synergize (teamwork); sharpen the saw (take care of yourself).

Sixth grader Eric Kinney was impressed by presentations by flight attendant Vanessa Snyder and Rayanne Sadowski, who is an orthodontic assistant from Drs. Shaw and Jane Orthodontics. But, it was the career of registered nurse Sara Dempsey that really struck a chord with him.

“It’s a job where you can possibly save a person’s life. It’s very important to save a life – that’s what I believe,” he said, adding that he plans to someday follow in the footsteps of his mom, who is a nurse.

It’s that kind of inspiration that makes Career Day such a success for students, staff and the dozens of volunteers who visit classrooms and share the details of their jobs.

Cathy McRae, the aunt of Cooper sixth grader Paige Dummer, travelled all the way from New Orleans to share her story and, admittedly, to visit with her family in Livonia.

McRae is recently retired from Shell Oil, where she was vice president of the deep water division. The geological engineer used to fly in a helicopter to get to work. Her “office” was on an off-shore oil rig in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, and, at one time, in the South China Sea when she lived on the island of Borneo, south of Vietnam.

“I shared how important it is, with our growing population; people using a lot of energy; and global warming – to think about careers in science and engineering to solve the problems of the future and to make sure the world is supplied with energy in an environmentally friendly way,” she said.

She said people think of engineering as being only math and science related. In her field, engineering is weaved into many different aspects of the industry, including communications, education, teamwork, problem solving and economics.

Other careers showcased during Career Day at Cooper included: Hospitality Management students from the Patriot Inn at Franklin High School; physical therapy; small business owners; information technology specialist from the U.S. Treasury; restaurant owner; car wash systems assembly; labor relations; water resources technician; airline pilot; business management; non-profit for sight restoration; pest management and prototype model maker for General Motors.

When asked his thoughts about Career Day, student Eric Kinney had one word: Amazing.
career day
Jeff Shingler, executive manager of business services at Consumers Energy, talks 
with Cooper students about the importance of the flag markers. 

career day

career day
Trinity Ziegler would like to become a police officer. 

career day
Kelly Zadoronzny, a senior at Stevenson High School, is in the Hospitality Management class through the Livonia Career Technical Center and the 
Patriot Inn at Franklin High School. Students learned how to make a pie 
crust during Career Day.

career day
Cathy McRae is a recently-retired vice president of the deep water division at Shell Oil. She is a geological engineer. 

career day
Students offered a musical performance for the Career Day presenters. 

career day
Eric Kinney would like to become a nurse when he is older. 

career day
Kim Traczyk, manager of clinical services at Eversight, talks with students about eyesight.