Four districts come together for School Funding Reform town hall WITH VIDEO
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In 2000, Michigan ranked 10th nationally in school spending; in 2011, it ranked 25th and is 48th in the country for growth in education funding between 2000 and 2011.

Total general fund dollars in Wayne County public school districts declined by $485 million between 2011 and 2015. 

Public schools in Michigan have lost $38.3 billion in funding since Proposal A passed in 1994.

Each year, Livonia Public Schools, like every public school district in Michigan, waits to see how bad the news will be, when the state announces the per pupil funding allotment, called the Foundation Allowance.

At times, school districts hold out hope for an increase, while other times, districts just strive to hold on to current funding levels and avoid another decrease.

Superintendents in Livonia, Plymouth-Canton, Wayne-Westland and Van Buren public school districts recently hosted a town hall forum, in conjunction with the Wayne County Regional Educational Services Agency, known as Wayne RESA, to discuss school funding.

The school funding reform town hall, held at Franklin High School, featured informational presentations by Bill Anderson, policy analyst at the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments; Steve Ezikian, deputy superintendent at RESA and Dr. Randy Liepa, RESA superintendent.

The full presentations from the evening may be viewed by clicking HERE.

Dr. Randy Liepa gave details about the Wayne County Education Enhancement Millage, which will be on the November 8 ballot in all 33 districts in Wayne County.  For information about the millage visit

funding forum 
Bill Anderson, policy analyst from Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, speaks at the forum, held at Franklin High School in Livonia.

funding forum
Dr. Randy Liepa, Wayne RESA superintendent, speaks about the Nov. 8 
Wayne County Education Enhancement Millage. 

funding forum
Members of the audience asked questions during the forum.