English Language Arts



The core curriculum at each grade level is based on K-12 exit goals. The curriculum includes shared goals spanning all subject areas and specific goals. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for the 21st century. Our instructional staff continuously align their classroom instruction to the goals of the core curriculum

Student Goals Shared by all Content Areas

All subject areas must provide learning experiences which enable students to:
  • Respect self, others, and the environment.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Know how to learn and work productively.
  • Acquire and process information.
  • Use critical and creative thinking to make decisions and solve problems.
  • Work and participate independently and cooperatively.
  • Acquire a core of understandings and competencies within the content areas.

English Language Arts

  • Apply multiple strategies to construct meaning using a variety of texts.
  • Read with increased fluency, automaticity, and independence.
  • Become lifelong readers who choose to read for information and enjoyment.
  • Apply the writing process to communicate effectively.
  • Produce a variety of texts for different purposes including elements unique to specific genre.
  • Write using standard English conventions.
  • Listen actively, responsively, and analytically.
  • Use oral language appropriately and effectively to communicate.
  • Comprehend a variety of visual texts for multiple purposes.
  • Create representations of information and ideas using multiple texts.
  • Use a variety of resources and technologies independently and collaboratively to access information, improve skills, and develop final products.
  • Use a variety of thinking (metacognitive) processes for multiple purposes.
  • Integrate and apply skills in personal, social, occupational, and civic contexts.