Welcome photo featuring miscellaneous chemistry breakers

"Today, more than ever, Science holds the key to our survival as a planet and our security and prosperity as a nation."  ~President Barack Obama

  • Understand scientific inquiry.
  • Understand that life, physical, and earth sciences are interconnected by the concepts of models, energy, systems, constancy, patterns of change, evolution, and scale.
  • Develop skills in data gathering by observing, measuring, researching, and recording information.
  • Develop information processing and problem solving skills by hypothesizing, experimenting, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating.
  • Communicate ideas using oral, written, graphical, and modeling techniques.
  • Apply science concepts in the use of technology and develop an understanding of the problems related to technology.
  • Understand that the nature of science demands responsible action in dealing with science-related societal issues.
  • Understand the evolutionary nature, structure, function, and organization of simple and complex living things.