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About LPS Student Services:

Livonia Public Schools has been a leader in the field of support services and special education programs. Long before the passage of federal and state laws requiring general education accommodations and/or appropriate special education programs for all eligible students, Livonia had programs for students experiencing significant social/emotional and/or learning problems. Prevention, intervention, and support programs are services available for students at all levels.

  • Outreach services provide and facilitate activities for families to enhance the home/school relationship, as well as coordinating district wide specialized programs and activities. 
  • Support services provide support in the areas of academic skill development, social skills development, vocational and post high school planning, substance abuse prevention and intervention education, and assistance to students with limited English proficiency. Services are provided to students with social/emotional needs and support is given to classroom teachers in providing appropriate classroom accommodations. 
  • Special Education programs and services (which are provided to eligible students birth to 26) include evaluation, support to students with disabilities in general education, and a full continuum of special education programs and services based on the LRE (least restrictive environment) appropriate for each student. Multi-district special education center programs provide services to students from Livonia and surrounding Western Wayne County school districts who are eligible for “low incidence” special education programs.

The Student Services Department focuses on offering support to students, parents, and staff in order to help children succeed in their educational program by better understanding unique learning needs and addressing those needs in the classroom.

For more information call 734-744-2600.

To receive relevant, useful information from the Department of Student Services via email, please register for the E-News mail out. You will receive information regarding services for students with disabilities, as well as other helpful information for all students.    Livonia Parent Advisory Committee (LPAC) announcements will be posted, as well as announcements on meetings, activities, and programs for students with special needs.