Therapeutic Equipment to Purchase or Make


The links provided on this page will give you information on a variety of therapeutic equipment that can help your student with things like balance, strength and increasing level of alertness. Follow the links to find the products you may be looking for.
  • LikeaBike
    This website features pedal-less bikes that will help your student work on balance needed for 2-wheeled bike riding skills. This is an alternative to the use of training wheels, and these bikes are now available in a variety of sizes. Also check on the Internet under the category of "pedal-less bikes" to try to find other alternatives!
  • How to Build a Balance Board
    Balance boards are great tools to work on standing balance and weight shifting, and can be used in conjunction with the Bal-A-Vis-Ex activities that are listed in other places on the web site.
  • How to Make a T-stool
    T-stools are great dynamic seats for your student to use when working on seated activities, such as homework, watching tv or playing on the computer. In order to maintain balance on a t-stool, your student will need to find their center of gravity and then work to engage their core muscles to hold the position. Not only does this provide some strengthening, but it's also a great tool for calming and improving levels of alertness.