Livonia Public Schools

Sexuality Education Two Year Report
School Year 2015-2016

Background Information

According to Michigan Law (MCL #380.1507), school districts are required to evaluate, measure and report to the parents of Livonia Public Schools the attainment of program goals and objectives as they relate to sexuality health instruction, at least once every two years. The following is an evaluation report for the sexuality education instruction at grade 7 for the 2015-2016 school year.

Two Year Assessment of Student Progress

Livonia Public Schools teaches sexuality education curriculum at the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 10th grade . The Livonia Public School’s Sexuality Education Advisory Board (SEAB) selected  puberty and human growth as our two goals to assess. Therefore, a pre and post test on puberty and human growth was developed and given to our 7th grade students in their health classes throughout the 2015-2016 school year. The pre and post tests given were to determine if the objectives were met. These objectives are found in the Michigan Department of Education 7th grade health content expectations of:

7.1 Summarize the benefits of staying within behavioral limits and remaining abstinent. 

7.2 Compare characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships, and describe ways to express caring for a boyfriend or girlfriend while staying abstinent.

7.3 Set personal boundaries and limits related to physical intimacy and sexual behavior. 

7.4 Demonstrate skills to avoid and escape risky situations.

7.5 Examine viewpoints of parents and other trusted adults regarding teen relationships, abstinence, and sexual decisions. 

7.6 Evaluate the impact of alcohol and other drug use on decisions regarding sexual behavior. 

7.7 Create a plan to stay within behavioral limits which protect one from HIV and STIs. 

7.8 Demonstrate the ability to communicate one's behavioral limits and to show respect for the limits of others related to physical intimacy and sexual behavior.

7.9 Demonstrate the ability to use verbal and non-verbal ways to refuse participation in sexual behavior.

7.10 Demonstrate the ability to be positive peer role models in the school and community.


The overall district average pre- test score was 71.4% and the average post-test score was 84.5%. This demonstrated an overall growth of 13.1%.

The average male pre-test was 65.5% and the average male post-test was 83%. This demonstrated an overall growth of 17.5%.

The average female pre-test score was 76.9% and the average female post-test was 85.3%. This demonstrated an overall growth of 8.9%.


The following are key points that can be gleaned from the results of this pre/post test in the 7th grade sex ed unit quiz:

1. Our middle school students have some previous accurate knowledge on puberty and human growth prior to teaching the unit.

2. Our teachers are doing a fine job of teaching puberty and human growth as the gain demonstrated a 13.1% overall growth.

3. Our goal for this subject would be to have 90% proficiency as this topic is of the upmost importance to the health and lives of our students!

4. We will present this information to our teachers so they may further improve instruction on puberty and human growth to our students.

Health Sex Ed - Gr 7
Pre- and Post-Assessments

Graph Information


  •  Pre-Assessment: 71.4% proficiency
  •  Post- Assessment: 84.5% proficiency


  • Pre-Assessment: 65.5%
  • Post- Assessment: 83.0%


  • Pre-Assessment: 76.9%
  • Post- Assessment: 85.8%