Intra-District Student Transfers (District Residents)

Livonia Public Schools offers parents the option to request a transfer from their home school to another school within the district. If this option is of interest to you, and you are a current LPS district resident, please click, download and print application and program guidelines:

Intra-District Program Timeline

Dates below may be subject to modification based upon the finalized calendar for the 2019-20 school year.

April 23, 2019 -- All student transfer applications received by 4:00 p.m. April 23, 2019 will be acted upon. Approvals/denials sent to families, and all denials placed on a wait list.

April 24, 2019 -- Beginning this date, all student transfer applications received will be placed on a wait list, in the order they are received, and will be reviewed later in the summer on a space-available basis.

August 23, 2019 -- Grades K-8 placements approved on space-available basis. Placements sent to families.



May I request a transfer for my child to attend a different school within the district?
Yes. Intra-District student transfer requests are for residents of Livonia Public Schools only. Proof of residency is required.

When is the application period?
The application period for Intra-District student transfers occurs according to the timeline listed above.

How do I apply?
Request forms are available at the Board of Education in the Human Resources Office, 15125 Farmington Road, Livonia, MI 48154. Additionally, a link is posted in the above information on this webpage. Requests must be completed and received by the Employment Services office according to the timeline above.

Is acceptance or placement done on a first come, first served basis?

All intra-district transfer requests are received and responded to based on the posted timeline. Once a wait list begins, students will be placed on a space-available basis in the order the requests were received.

Will my child receive transportation from the District?
No. Transportation is not provided to intra-district student transfers.

Will my child’s path through all subsequent levels remain in place?
Intra-district student transfer students will be returned to his/her home school attendance area for the next building/level change (for example, moving from a K-4 school to a 5-6 upper elementary). A new application to transfer must be submitted for each subsequent building/level change.

What if my child wants to go back to their home school?
It is desirable that a student who transfers from their home attendance school remain at the selected school for that educational level (lower elementary, upper elementary, middle, or high school). However, upon request, a transferred student will be allowed to return to their home attendance school at the beginning of the next school year. Once returned to the home school, a student is ineligible to apply for a student transfer at that level again.