For Parents

The Career Intern Program allows students to make better informed career choices by "trying on" careers before going off to college. Some of the benefits for students participating in internships include:

  • career goals that are better clarified before investing a lot of time and money in college

  • experiences that broaden opportunities for college admissions, scholarships and employment

  • hands-on experiences that reinforce academic instruction and enhance learning

  • created opportunities for future employment, college admissions and scholarships

  • as a result of working with professional in the "world of work", interns will have a better idea of the academic requirements and personal characteristics needed in order to be successful in their chosen career field

  • greater self confidence and maturity, cultivated when students are treated as adults and give adult responsibilities

  • ongoing individual and group counseling for college and career planning, as well as resume and portfolio construction

  • opportunities to enhance public speaking and writing skills

  • increased independence and responsibility (interns are released after 3rd or 4th hour and are issued parking permits to drive to their internship site)

  • unique opportunities of interaction with students from other schools on a regular basis

  • extensive use of e-mail and internet as well as PowerPoint training that will provide interns with a strong technology background for any future career or academic pathway