Students who have NEVER BEEN ENROLLED in German I will be eligible to take the exam. Students interested in taking the German I Test-Out need to be in at least the eighth grade. Register online using the link below. Students will be required to bring their student ID with them to the exam. Students who pass this exam will be awarded 1 world language credit on their high school transcript. The results of the test-out will not affect their grade point average.

Winter Administration

Test Date: Wednesday, January 8, 2014 

Time: 3:30 PM
Location: Churchill High School


REGISTRATION is from November 1-November 22, 2013.

Test Components

This test is composed of four parts:

  • Part A consists of a series of written questions for which the student must select the correct written response.

  • In Part B the student is given a sentence in which a word or phrase has been omitted and is asked to choose the correct insertion from four choices.

  • In Part C a situation is suggested for which the student must select the correct remark/rejoinder.

  • Part D consists of German reading passages followed by a number of incomplete statements for which students select the correct completion.

  • In keeping with newer testing techniques, both parts A and D will have some items based on realia and graphics.

For a sample exam, please click here.


Please feel free to visit the MDE website for more detailed information about the Michigan Merit Curriculum World Language High School Content Expectations.

Test Results

Students must score 80% or better in order to receive credit.

A letter will be sent to the parent/guardian indicating whether or not their student passed the test-out. Counselors will be informed via email by Matthew Miga.

Register Here