Department Head:
Alison Smith, Director of Finance

Department Phone Number:

Other Department Staff:
Stacey Sopher, District Accountant
Kathi Price, Secretary to the Director of Finance
Celia Davis, Bookkeeper
Katrina Villasenor, Payroll
Judy Sinning, Accounts Receivable
Candy Weldon, Accounts Payable: Vendors A-K
Patty Wischmayer, Accounts Payable: Vendors L-Z

The Finance department manages the school district's money and assets. Our goal is to maintain as many of the district's high quality programs as possible. The district's budget has been pressured for many years from the overall economic downturn in Michigan, in addition to other challenges such as declining enrollment and increased health care costs. The school district is required to prepare financial statements each year to provide information on the financial status of the district. As required by law, the statements are then audited by an independent accounting firm, which issues an opinion on the financial statements. Livonia Public Schools continues to receive an unqualified opinion of our financial statements, which is the maximum level of assurance offered.

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