Learning Disability Eligibility


Wayne County Process Model of Specific Learning Disability Eligibility Considerations

"The Livonia Public Schools follows the Special Education County Plan
submitted to the State of Michigan by the Wayne County Regional
Educational Service Agency (Wayne RESA). This plan is consistent with the
State of Michigan Rules and Regulations for Special Education, and the
federal special education legislation - the Individuals with Disabilities
Educational Act (IDEA) - as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act
(ADA) which, in the public schools, takes the title of "Section 504."

Due to recent changes in the federal laws, subsequent changes in State of
Michigan rules and regulations for special education, and the even more
recent development and publication of Wayne RESA's special education
county plan and, specifically, Guideline for the Determination of a
Specific Learning Disability, the Livonia Public Schools is now in the
process of developing and implementing new procedures consistent with the
changes in laws,regulations, and guidelines. As such the links, below, to
the Wayne RESA guidelines, which includes choices individual schools
districts can make, represent the direction our school district is
heading, pending the finalization of our specific guidelines and
procedures, which are currently in an active stage of development. "