Speech Pathology Programs and Resources

  • Language Literacy Liaison Program
    Students in the district who are receiving speech language services may also be receiving services from other special education providers, for other needs, such as learning disabilities. The role of the Language Literacy Liaison is to help build the relationship between the speech language pathologist and other special education providers in the schools, so that student's language goals can be addressed across the curriculum.
  • Wiki with shared lessons and resources for speech pathologists
    This WIKI was created to facilitate collaboration and sharing among the Speech-Language Pathologists in the Livonia Public School District. There is a myriad of resources for assessment and intervention, particularly those associated with “educationally” or “curriculum” relevant services. Many strategies and lessons can be employed within the classroom setting, and are grouped by grade level (kindergarten through post-secondary). Useful websites for both clinicians and teachers are also a component of this site.